Our 0-2's room has a strong staff team, led by a Room Manager. The 0-2's room consists of 2 large rooms in which children are seperated dependant on age. One room provides care for children 6 months - 1 year and the second room 1 - 2 years. Both rooms have access to outdoor areas.

The baby room is where it all begins. This is where the children will usually learn their first social skills by interacting with other children and with other adults. It is vitally important to our nursery staff that the parents/carers feel confident that their young children are being cared for, enjoying themselves and are learning in a nurturing, safe and stimulating enviroment.

There is a sensory room accessible within the Children's Centre that we can access regularly for a change in enviroment. The 0-2's especially enjoy the sensory room as it provides them further opportunities to relax. 


Meal times -

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - Snack

12.00noon - Dinner

2.00pm - Snack

4.00pm - Tea


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