Our 2-3 room has a strong staff team led by Room Manager. Children have access to a large space within a free play enviroment both indoors and outdoors.

We offer a range of activities and resources for children to access. Planning consists of a balance of adult led and child initiated activities. We prepare children for their transition to the 3-5's room through developing independence skills. We encourage children to participate in hygiene routines such as hand washing and support toilet training when needed.

We implement the Nottingham City Council ECAT project to support and develop children's language and communication skills.

We have two special friends in the room; our nursery fish. Children are encouraged to care and learn about them.



Meal times -

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - Snack

12.00noon - Dinner

2.00pm - Snack

4.00pm - Tea


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