The 2-3's room has a very spacious, colourful and an attractive enviroment for all children to play and learn, eat and relax. Our 2-3's room focuses on teaching the children independence such as, toilet training, self serving food and drinks etc. The staff have a wide range of experience and are all experienced in working with the 2-3 age group and are experts in tailoring for their needs.

There is a variety of free choice resources available for children to access both indoors and outdoors. Children can learn and explore through free play in areas such as construction, book corner and role play. The room has access to an outdoor area which includes a mud pit. Children enjoy activities such as riding bikes, chalking and exploring the mud pit.

The children are encouraged to participate in group times throughout the day. Group sessions support childrens concentration, turn taking and social skills, preparing them for transitioning into 3-5's.


Every child is allocated a Key Person this person is responsible for monitoring and supporting the child's development. The staff ensure they plan to support every child's individual needs, interests and abilities.

As our nursery follows the guidance of the Nottingham City ECAT (more info please see the links page) we teach a new 'sign of the week', 'book of the week' and 'maths word of the week' so that the children focus all week on learning one thing at a time.


Meal times -

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - Snack

12.00noon - Dinner

2.00pm - Snack

4.00pm - Tea


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