Our 0-2's room has one member of staff to every three children. The room is effectively run by Room Manager and the baby room team. Our 0-2's room is a spacious, colourful and attractive space where the children can play and learn, eat and relax. The room is sectioned off into different areas such as the sensory area, eating area, home corner (where the children do imaginative play), outdoor area and more.

The baby room is where it all begins. This is where the children will usually learn their first social skills by interacting with other children and with other adults. It is vitally important to our nursery staff that the parents/carers feel confident that their young children are being cared for, enjoying themselves and are learning in a nurturing, safe and stimulating enviroment.

All our toys and resources cater for the appropriate age group and all the equipment is at the appropiate height for the children to reach giving them chance to participate in free choice of play to enhance their independence.

Our children love to sing! We sing the 'welcome song', the 'dinner's coming song', and the 'tidy up' song. The children love to sing the songs as it helps them to recognise the routine of the room.
We have the creative and messy play activities out at all times so that the children can play in the sand or water, do drawings or paintings etc all day every day.

We offer such a wide range of activities to the children there is always something new to do and learn every day!

Our children love the outdoor area, it is accessable only to the 0-2 room, it has lots of equipment such as; seesaws, small slides, play house, cars and more.

Our room has a wide range of resources that the children would have at home, for example, cots, sterilisers, highchairs, blankets and much more and children are welcome to bring comforters too.

We recognise that every child is unique and individual. We work in partnership with parent/carers to ensure your child's individual needs are catered for.


Meal times

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - Snack

11:30 - Dinner

2.00pm - Snack

3.30pm - Tea


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